What exactly is treatment integrated with Human Tecar technology?

What is the difference between Human Tecar technology and ultrasound?
Ultrasound is a physiotherapy tool that works in living tissues by mobilising liquids using a high-frequency mechanical movement. It acts from the outside of the tissues working inwards. Human Tecar, on the other hand, is able to stimulate the reactivation of the circulatory and lymphatic system from the inside, thereby accelerating the natural self-repair processes.

What is the difference between Human Tecar technology and conventional diathermic appliances?
Human Tecar technology should not be confused with appliances that use short-wave radiation energy and are designed to develop heat deep down.
Human Tecar is an instrument that is able to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system: it makes it possible to stimulate a local increase in the blood supplied to the tissues, which translates into an increase in endogenic heat. No thermal actions take place from the outside.

What is the difference between Human Tecar Technology and laser systems?
Laser is an instrument that uses a light signal for pain-relief purposes.
Human Tecar, on the other hand, is able to stimulate the lymphatic system, cause localised vasodilation and boost the lesser circulation with leads to the drainage of oedema and elimination of inflammatory catabolites. This leads to a rapid resolution of pain.

Can subjects who suffer from allergies undergo treatment with Human Tecar technology?
Human Tecar technology does not cause allergic reactions in patients. However, some patients may find that they are sensitive to the conductor cream or complementary products. In this case, the doctor will decide the most efficacious alternative therapy.

Are there any Human Tecar Centres abroad?
Yes, Human Tecar therapy is practised in many countries all over the world.
Write to specifying the geographic area that interests you. We will inform you of your nearest Human Tecar Centre.

Are there any contraindications?
No side effects have been reported in connection with correct use of the instrument as our technology develops energy that is absolutely biocompatible with body tissues.
However, Human Tecar therapy is contraindicated for certain categories of patient, such as pregnant women, subjects with pacemakers and those who use electronic medication delivery systems.

How can I be sure that I am being treated with Human Tecar technology and not with other therapies that are unrelated to Tecar?
You can locate your local Human Tecar Centre by consulting our website or contacting our Customer Services department. Before having treatment, always remember to ask whether the equipment used is a Human Tecar appliance or a different system. If it isn’t called Human Tecar, it won’t give Human Tecar results.

Where can I have treatment with Human Tecar technology?
In any of the many public and private hospitals and Human Tecar Centres present throughout Italy. To locate your local Human Tecar Centre, consult the Human Tecar Centres section or call our Customer Services Department on 0399911335.

Is treatment with Human Tecar technology painful?
No, it is not painful, quite the opposite. By generating a localised increase in the lesser circulation, Human Tecar technology makes it possible to treat injuries during the acute phase, thereby significantly relieving pain and localised swelling. It is an extremely pleasant experience.

As a result of prior surgery, I have been implanted with metal components. Can I have Human Tecar treatment?
The technology can be used even by patients with implanted osteosynthesis devices. Clinical studies have demonstrated that integrating Human Tecar into treatment does not have any contraindications.

Are there any scientific papers that show that Human Tecar technology is actually able to reactivate blood and lymph circulation?
Yes, a number of published scientific studies show the effective increase in lesser circulation and the stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic system.

Is Human Tecar technology only useful for sportsmen and –women?
No, the Human Tecar protocols are developed in the professional sports world to provide a solution to the need to get athletes fit as rapidly as possible. It is now used outside the sports world for the prevention and treatment of a number of conditions.

Is therapy with Human Tecar technology also suitable for children?
There are no contraindications. However, it is the doctor’s responsibility to establish when and how the therapy can be performed.

What exactly is treatment integrated with Human Tecar technology?
It is a manual therapy using an electronic instrument that, by bringing two different applicators into contact with the body, generates a localised reactivation of the circulatory system. Depending on the objective of treatment, it can stimulate the lesser circulation or localised vasodilation, oxygenating and nourishing the tissues and draining toxins.

Will treatment integrated with Human Tecar technology lead to a permanent cure or are maintenance sessions required?
There are three types of treatment using Human Tecar technology: localised anti-inflammatory treatments for painful and acute inflammation; intensive-curative treatments to achieve the total resolution of a problem and prevention and maintenance treatments to maintain wellness over time. The most appropriate treatment programme will be prescribed by the doctor and adapted, as required, by the physiotherapist.

I have been told that treatment sessions using Human Tecar technology are very straightforward and that the instrument is automatic. Is this true?
Treatment sessions using Human Tecar technology are manual therapy sessions using equipment that is absolutely operator-dependent. No operation is automatic.

Do treatment sessions with Human Tecar technology require the use of special products?
Of course. First of all, it uses a special high conductivity cream that favours the physiological effect induced by the instrument, in addition to a series of complementary products developed to guarantee the pleasant sensations characteristic of wellness treatments and that enhance and prolong the effects sought during the session.

Which conditions are suitable for treatment integrated with Human Tecar technology?
When used as part of a physiotherapy programme, Human Tecar technology reactivates and stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, boosting the effects of manual therapy. This kind of support is not only useful in various areas of medicine such as pain therapy, sports medicine, cosmetic medicine, orthopaedics, rheumatology, surgery, etc., but also for preventative purposes, for keeping fit and preventing the occurrence of minor disorders and cosmetic problems.

Can I use Human Tecar technology autonomously on myself?
The instrument must be handled by a qualified practitioner, who is aware of the patient’s needs and able to tailor the application strategy to suit individual response.

Do I need a medical prescription for treatment with Human Tecar technology?
For any form of manual or other therapy an initial diagnosis is required to establish the most appropriate treatment programme.

Is manual therapy using Human Tecar technology incompatible with other types of therapy?
There are no incompatibilities. The physiological reactions induced by Human Tecar technology act interact with the other treatments administered by the doctor and physiotherapist, including pharmacological therapies. It cannot be used at the same time as other techniques that are not related to manual treatment.

How many treatment sessions with Human Tecar technology are necessary before the results are felt?
This depends on the diagnosis and the practitioner. Human Tecar technology generates a localised reactivation of the circulatory and lymphatic system that boosts the therapeutic effects sought with manual therapy. If the diagnosis is correct and the practitioner adopts a suitable protocol, significant benefits can be obtained as early as the first session.

How many treatments can be performed a week?
Manual therapy sessions using Human Tecar technology can be performed even several times a day, if necessary, no contraindications have been reported in this sense. Once the diagnosis has been formulated, the doctor initially and the therapist subsequently will define the most appropriate treatment programme, taking into consideration the patient’s needs and availability.

How much does each session cost?
Human Tecar technology is integrated into manual therapy sessions and the price therefore depends on the time required and, above all, the technique used. A treatment programme that includes Human Tecar technology is usually less expensive than a conventional treatment programme, due to the speed with which results can be achieved.

How long does a manual therapy session using Human Tecar technology last?
This depends on the time available to the patient and clinical presentation. Three treatment types have been developed, ranging from approximately 10 – 20 minutes for localised anti-inflammatory treatment, to 30 – 40 minutes for an intensive-curative treatment and 60 minutes and over for a prevention and maintenance treatment.

If I have suffered an injury, how long must I wait before having treatment?
Human Tecar technology can be used immediately, the very same day as the injury. By generating a localised stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic system, it drains any oedema or effusion and immediately reduces swelling without increasing pain.

Can it be used for prevention purposes?
Yes, thanks to its ability to boost natural physiological self-repair processes, Human Tecar technology is already routinely used in prevention treatments, particularly in the world of high-level sports. These beneficial effects can also be exploited to prevent the onset of a range of common health conditions caused by overweightness, poor posture, repetitive actions, etc.