A technology that makes nature stronger

Until recently, inflammation deep down in the body’s tissues was treated using very strong energy sources such as high frequency radiation or microwaves, whose difficulties reaching the deeper layers resulted in uncomfortable side effects.

Today, after over twenty years’ scientific research in the biotechnology sector, we now know that it is possible to act deep down in a non-invasive way, using a novel technology that activates the body’s natural self-repair processes, to achieve fast and lasting results.

Human Tecar® Manual Technique 1 Human Tecar® Manual Technique 2 Human Tecar® Manual Technique 3

This innovative instrument, available exclusively from Human Tecar, transfers biocompatible energy that intensely stimulates the tissues, by physiologically activating all those systems that carry oxygen and nutrients where they are needed and more rapidly eliminate the inflammatory catabolites that cause pain. 
In other words, Human Tecar technology, which is now used in treatment programmes by the world’s leading medical experts, activates and accelerates natural repair processes, thereby drastically reducing recovery times.

The key actions that benefit therapeutic rapidity

The instrument is able to stimulate the blood and lymph system in a natural, localised and flexible way. In short, it catalyses and promotes the physiological reactions that our body would naturally perform to recover, thereby boosting them. This results in a significant alteration of the processes dedicated to the reduction of inflammation and pain. 
Based on a doctor’s diagnosis, Human Tecar technology allows the practitioner to tailor treatments to suit individual tissue response that alters with each session, providing indications about the patient’s condition.

Network of Lymphatic Capillaries in the InterstitiumCirculation of Red Blood Cells