Human Tecar technology: helping doctors to resolve pain and its causes

Human Tecar technology has a selective and focused action on the circulatory and lymphatic systems, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing the waste products of cell metabolism, reactions that provide the key for resolving all conditions of an inflammatory origin with an important pain component.

Example of Human Tecar® Tecnology application: stimulation of the haemolymphatic system
Human Tecar® in Hospitals: Sacro Cuore di Gesù Hospital - Fatebenefratelli Prof. Carlo Tranquilli - Director of the Institute of Medicine and Sport Science - CONI Rome Alessandro Biffi - Medical Staff Benessere Ferrari project
Ezio Adriani - Director of SportClinique Mater Dei in Rome Dott. Riccardo Ceccarelli - Director of the Sport Medicine sector 'Formula Medicine' On the left, Mario Scerri President of Unibell Italia. On the right Dr Gabriele Rosa Sport Specialist, President of 'Rosa e Associati'.

These features have made it an extraordinarily useful instrument for application in various branches of medicine. To date a great many specialists have acknowledged the validity of the physiological effects obtained when using Human Tecar in their daily practice to accelerate healing processes and significantly reduce patient convalescence times.


The action is deep and homogeneous, without wasting energy.

Recovery times are reduced. The patient perceives the therapeutic benefits from the very first session.
The biological effect develops exclusively in the area treated.
The modes used differ according to the type of tissue being treated: muscle, bone or tendon.
Therapy with Human Tecar technology is both simple and safe. All the instruments undergo stringent scientific tests.
The levels and intensity of action can be tailored to meet specific treatment targets and according to patient response.
Human Tecar technology is compatible with other therapies and techniques, often contributing to boosting their efficacy.
Its biocompatible, non-invasive nature makes treatment with Human Tecar technology a pleasant and relaxing experience.