Manual massage with Human Tecar. No standard or automatic applications. Manual ability is the key.

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With Human Tecar, the most advanced physiotherapy massage techniques (osteopathic, chiropractic, lymph drainage and connective tissue massages, etc.) have a deeper and more efficacious action, exploiting the intense reactivation the instrument stimulates within the circulatory system. With over 15 years of experience behind us, we can say that, by combining our technology with manual skills, the time needed to resolve a number of acute and chronic conditions is drastically reduced, which makes the treatment more accessible to a vaster public.

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Worldwide, the Scuola Internazionale Human Tecar [Human Tecar International School] has already trained thousands of therapists of all nationalities and with all types of experience, to use our technology as a complement to manual massage.

Immediate pain-relief

The immediately effect perceived by the patient, from the very first session, is a clear reduction in pain. This is made possible by stimulating the lesser circulation to oxygenate and rehydrate the tissues and remove the inflammatory catabolites that cause pain.

Reduction in treatment times

The absence of pain allows a deeper penetration of the massage, to obtain faster and, at the same time, more stable results. Continuous energetic stimulation also leads to a further shortening in therapy times.

Massage and prevention

Drawing on our experience in the world of competitive sports, massage with Human Tecar technology has a preventative purpose and accelerates muscle recovery. A better oxygen supply makes the muscles more elastic and reactive and less prone to injury, thereby improving their efficiency, strength and tone. It also favours the action of cool-down exercises by increasing blood and lymph circulation, which leads to rapid acid removal and, consequently, a faster disposal of toxins.

Massage and therapy

Human Tecar-assisted massage provides an outstanding support to rehabilitation therapy. It provides relief from the pain caused by the abnormal contractures of individual or groups of muscles. As a consequence, it is used to treat muscle inflammation and contractures such as lumbar back pain, neck pain and muscle pain in general.