For maintaining and boosting the benefits obtained with physiotherapy using Human Tecar

To improve and prolong the effects of therapy, we have developed a dedicated range of functional cosmetic products for professional use in high-level sports as well as being fundamental to conventional physiotherapy.

Range of Human Tecar® products for Professional use

They have been formulated drawing on scientific research and decades of Unibell experience in the treatment and convalescence of professional athletes. A number of fundamental products are used by therapists when preparing the body and during the final stage of physiotherapy treatment to prepare the tissues to receive the stimulation induced by the instrument and to prolong the effects of therapy.

These products, based on high-concentration aromatic active ingredients, thanks also to the olfactory stimulation generated by their composition, provide an efficacious response to the requirements of contemporary physiotherapy, aimed not only at resolving specific problems but also guaranteeing the individuals undergoing treatment absolute pleasure and the recovery of energy and vitality.

In the Human Tecar Centre

Physiotherapy treatment using Human Tecar technology.

All manual therapy sessions involve, both in the stage preceding the use of the technology and in the following one, the application on the body of functional cosmetic products to obtain ideal physical conditions in order to fully exploit the technique’s benefits.
 It is a fundamental treatment, used in the world of professional sport and available to anyone who wants to feel their best.

Application of a Human Tecar® Quintessence: preparation of the body Human Tecar® Reset Body Manual Technique

In this stage, a manual technique is combined with the use of functional products that follow a specific application sequence established depending on the aim of the treatment session and the conditions of the patient’s tissues. The purpose is to eliminate tension, stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, relax the muscles and detoxify the skin to speed up and boost the reactions generated by the technology.

During treatment, the therapist will use manual and massage techniques to boost and focus the physiological reactions generated by the instrument. It is a dynamic therapy in which, step-by-step, the practitioner customises the sequence of actions according to the response of the tissues treated.
A key part of the treatment is the use of a special Human Tecar Conductor Gel: The surface of the neutral plate must be entirely covered with a thin film of gel and small amounts will be applied to the tissue the applicator will pass over to allow the instrument to act deep within.

A short manual massage using functional aromatic cosmetic products. The aim is to prolong the physiological reactions generated by the instrument during the session over time and to restore energy and vitality to the tissues.

At home

Aromatic Human Tecar products, developed for professional athletes of all disciplines, are now successfully used also by those who do not practise sports, as well as amateur athletes.

Self massage: example of application

Activating the lymphatic system to drain toxins, reactivating the blood flow, relaxing the muscles, favouring sleep at night and toning the whole body are just some of the results that can be achieved with simple everyday gestures, guaranteeing the “body machine” a swift recovery of optimum wellness and allowing it to maintain absolute physical fitness.