Toned and Dynamic Legs Emulsion Spray

Favours muscle recovery before and/or after physical exercise and whenever necessary. Eliminates fatigue and drains liquids.

From Human Tecar experience, an innovative product for legs that feel good. Easy to apply and with an immediate action, this is the ideal treatment for both athletes and those who do not practise sports but love to take care of their legs and keep them dynamic and light-feeling at all times.

The ideal condition for leg wellness is a good lesser blood and lymphatic circulation that supplies the tissues with the oxygen and nutrients they require and helps to eliminate liquids and toxins to facilitate metabolic activity in the muscle.
This is the aim with which we developed Toned and Dynamic Legs emulsion spray. Containing plant extracts known for their therapeutic properties (Tumeric, Ginger and Cloves), the product boosts the lesser circulation. This puts the legs in the best conditions for a training session or to recover muscle activity following physical exertion or a period of inactivity.

Its light texture, rich in noble oils that carry the natural active ingredients deep down, instantly penetrates into the skin tissue and with the help of a light massage, it favours an intense vascular workout. An initial superficial vasoconstriction action is followed by deep-down vasodilation that takes the form of a pleasant and persistent alternating hot-cold feeling. With the circulation stimulated, liquids and catabolites are eliminated rapidly and easily. The benefit is an immediate feeling of lightness and greater dynamism, for legs that are ready to go.

before and/or after exercise, or whenever necessary, spray on to the legs and allow to penetrate, massaging gently from the bottom up.
 Also ideal for use before bedtime.